Dublin students cause grass fire burning books

Anonymous school children stock image in a classroom
Image caption A group of teenagers tried to celebrate their final exams by setting fire to their books

Irish firefighters had to put out a 50ft (15m) grass fire on Wednesday after a group of school leavers' end of exam celebrations went wrong.

Students had decided to celebrate by burning their text books in Bohernabreena, near Tallaght in Dublin.

The Dublin Fire Service said the fire likely spread further because of the extremely warm weather.

After finding the books had caused the incident, the fire service tweeted: "Hope they don't need to repeat."

Image copyright @DubFireBrigade twitter

Firefighter Theresa Hudson, who attended the incident, said her team spotted about a dozen students in streets surrounding the area.

She said no action was taken as the service believed the students had not anticipated the fire spreading, and had panicked.

"They kept clear of us and the smouldering grass" she said.

She encouraged other rebellious school leavers to avoid making the same mistake.

"Please metaphorically burn them instead... or pass them on," she said.

"Sell them or recycle them."