Swedish town mulls musical school toilets for embarrassed pupils

A roll of toilet paper Image copyright BBC/Paul Kerley
Image caption Some children are worried about using school toilets in case they are overheard

A Swedish councillor has suggested installing music in school toilets, to help pupils worried about embarrassing noises.

Centre Party councillor Cecilia Cato, in the town of Tingsryd, says some are so concerned that they refuse to use the toilet all day.

She raised the musical solution in a proposal to the council.

"I don't think it's just about number two on the toilet, but many also don't do number one," Ms Cato told The Local.

"I've worked in the world of education for many years and know through the students that this is a problem, above all in junior and senior high school.

"I myself experienced this when I was young and now that it's being talked about many others confirm that they did too. It's not something you talk completely openly about..."

Swedish broadcaster SVT spoke to local students who confirmed they fretted about being overheard answering nature's call.

One noted that adding music would be environmentally friendly, as it would stop people running the taps or using excessive toilet paper to cover the sound.

Ms Cato was inspired by a new music school in Tingsryd, which has tuneful distractions in every toilet.

The local authority will now take a vote on her suggestion.

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Media captionA better way to use a toilet?

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