CHAT: Who's your player of the Year?

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This is the man who player and coaches think is the best player in the Premier League.

Chelsea's N'Golo Kante picked up the PFA Player of the year award last night.

It's one of the highest awards in English football and is voted for by players, former players and coaches.

He only joined Chelsea this season after starring for Leicester last year.

He beat Chelsea Teammate Eden Hazard and Manchester United's Zlatan Ibrahimnovic to take the prize.

But we want to hear from you - who is the the best player YOU'VE seen this season, and why?

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  • Is it someone from the team you support or from a different team?
  • Is it a British player or someone from abroad?
  • It is someone who's scored lots of goals or someone who's performed really well all season?

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