French elections: #PenelopeGate memes

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image copyrightTwitter/@Chribactu
image captionThe irony of claiming to have done nothing was not lost on artist @Chribactu

Since the wife of French presidential candidate François Fillon was placed under formal investigation, a selection of tongue-in-cheek memes have been circulating on social media.

The affair over payments to Penelope Fillon for work that she may or may not have done as his parliamentary assistant came to light in January 2017.

In more recent days, a number of people have been sharing their take on the matter via Twitter. Cartoonist Chrib tweeted his drawing of Mrs Fillon saying "I haven't done anything" and the judge responding "That's exactly why we're investigating you".

A rather grumpy looking Penelope, originally featured on the Facebook page of artist Mykolas, has also been circulating on Twitter. As she sits in court, her thought bubbles say: "They don't get it these judges. I'm not getting paid for this."

image copyrightTwitter/@archimedia_obs/MYKOLAS
image captionAnother bit of irony on social media - Penelope says she's not getting paid for this

One of Mr Fillon's campaign posters has been either defaced or photoshopped several times.

A Twitter feed which appears to support Marine Le Pen and her Front National party advises care on the location of campaign posters. "Choose wisely where you post your slogan."

image copyrightTwitter
image captionSeveral versions of this campaign poster have been defaced

Not only was the placement of the poster in question, but it was also defaced, translating as "A theft for France". This tweet has since been deleted.

A recently set-up Twitter group calling itself CabinetNoir is posting a string of satirical cartoons. Cabinet noir, or black room is also the name given to an office where ministers during the reign of Louis XV would open what they thought were suspicious letters before forwarding them.

Another drawing by cartoonist Salere calls the Fillons "pioneers of crowdfunding" and features Penelope cradling Francois on her lap, saying "Thanks for believing in us":

image copyrightTwitter/@verscorp/Salere
image captionThe Fillons are branded "pioneers of crowdfunding"

Despite some of the negative criticism directed towards Mr Fillon, the research website Opinion Way predicts he will still receive 20% of the votes in the first round, after Ms Le Pen and centrist Mr Macron who they say will each get 25%. As for the second round, it predicts Mr Fillon will beat Ms Le Pen by 60% to 40%, if he makes it through.

Compiled by Sherie Ryder, UGC and Social News team & Margaux Gatty, Crosscheck

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