Bird flu: New case confirmed in County Tipperary

Image caption Several of the recent cases of bird flu in Ireland have involved swans

A sixth case of bird flu in a wild bird in the Republic of Ireland since last year has been confirmed in County Tipperary.

The latest case involved a whooper swan found in Nenagh.

It follows three previous cases in whooper swans this year, with two cases in Eurasian wigeons in December.

The first case in Northern Ireland - a swan found dead near Lough Beg, County Londonderry - was confirmed on Thursday.

In December, the Irish Department of Agriculture activated regulations requiring all poultry and captive birds to be kept within a secure building amid concerns over bird flu.

The public is advised not to handle dead or sick birds.

Avian influenza is a contagious disease that affects birds, including poultry: It can spread quickly, often proving fatal.

It can occur in both wild and farmed birds, but the threat to the public is said to be very low.

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