Russian man arrested in Prague over alleged US hacking

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Image caption Russia has been accused of carrying out cyber attacks against opponents abroad

Czech police have arrested a Russian man in connection with hacking directed against the US, police officials said.

The man was identified as Yevgeniy N, born in 1987, but no more detail was given by police on his alleged actions.

The arrest was carried out in conjunction with the FBI and the man may face extradition to the US.

Russian hackers have been implicated in a large-scale hack of the Democratic Party in the US, which led to Hillary Clinton's private emails being leaked.

But a US official told Reuters news agency that the man arrested in the Czech Republic was sought in connection with an "older" hacking case.

Earlier this month the US government formally accused Russia for the first time of carrying out cyber attacks against the US.

Russian President Vladimir Putin has denied any Russian state involvement.

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Image caption The Kremlin denies trying to influence the US election via hack attacks

Video footage released by police showed Yevgeniy N being arrested in the restaurant of a central Prague hotel.

He had dark hair, a camouflage hoody and jeans, and did not resist arrest. Police said he was briefly hospitalised after collapsing and then taken into custody.

Andrei Kolmakov, a spokesman for the Russian embassy in Prague, was quoted by Russian state news agency Tass as saying: "We insist that the detainee is handed over to Russia."

Russia's relations with the US have soured considerably over Russia's involvement in the conflicts in Ukraine and Syria, and the hacking of the Democratic Party emails.

President Putin has been accused of favouring Donald Trump and interfering in the US democratic process in order to skew the election towards Mr Trump.

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