Migrants climb on Spain detention centre

Demonstrators in Madrid Image copyright AFP
Image caption The demonstrators chanted and held up banners calling for freedom and dignity

Dozens of migrants, mainly Algerians, broke furniture and climbed on the roof of a Spanish detention centre to stage a protest about living conditions.

The protest began late on Tuesday with reports that security cameras were covered up and a security door broken.

The protesters held up banners demanding freedom and dignity before agreeing to come down 12 hours later.

The incident has highlighted Spain's policy of holding illegal immigrants at eight detention centres.

Humanitarian organisations and residents have long complained about conditions at the Madrid centre, in the western Aluche area of the capital.

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As the protest began, Madrid Mayor Manuela Carmena immediately offered to mediate, expressing concern about what was going on at the centre.

Council security spokesman Javier Barbero suggested that the protest may have been sparked by a recent decision to deport a number of migrants. The detention centres were "failed institutions", he said.

Left-wing leader Pablo Iglesias called for authorities to observe human rights, end the stand-off and then close the centre.

Police sources told Spanish media that stones and furniture were thrown. However, none of the demonstrators was armed and no-one was hurt.

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