Italy earthquake: Those who lost their lives

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image captionHopes of finding more earthquake survivors in the town of Amatrice are fading

Almost 300 people are now known to have died after a 6.2-magnitude earthquake struck central Italy on 24 August.

The devastating quake caused the collapse of numerous buildings with the historic town of Amatrice the worst hit.

This is what we know about those who died.

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Fabrizio Trabalza, 45, and Paola Rascelli, 43

The married couple, who were crushed under the rubble of a house in Amatrice, were found by rescuers in an embrace.

Ms Rascelli, who worked as a secretary, had recently celebrated her birthday with her husband Mr Trabalza, an internet technology specialist who ran the website for Acti-Roma, which offers help to those in need of heart transplants.

The couple lived in Ostia, a coastal town near Rome, and were in Amatrice for the holidays, according to reports.

They had posted photographs on social media of themselves enjoying their holiday just four hours before the earthquake struck.

Friends of the couple posted Facebook messages describing the pair as "always smiling and helpful".

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Marcos Burnett, 14

One of three Britons who died in the disaster has been identified as a teenager from London who was on holiday in Amatrice.

His parents, Anne-Louise and Simon Burnett, and his sister suffered minor injuries but survived when the building they were in collapsed.

The family has since paid tribute to the "tireless work" of the Italian rescue workers.

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Maria Henniker-Gotley, 51, and her husband Will, 55

The two other Britons killed were understood to be staying at the same property as Marcos Burnett.

The couple were from Stockwell in London.

Marco Santarelli, 28

A chef visiting the town for its food festival, he had travelled to Amatrice with friends.

One friend managed to escape, while another was pulled alive from the debris a few hours later, according to reports.

Marco was later pulled from the rubble by his father, Filippo, who had rushed to the region after his son failed to answer his mobile phone.

Anna Grossi, 21

Died when the house she was staying in collapsed. Her boyfriend Claudio Leonetti was seriously hurt.

Ms Grossi, a flautist and recent graduate, was pronounced dead at the scene.

Arianna Masciarelli, 15

The teenager, from Rome, was spending time with her father and grandparents in Pescara del Tronto before returning to school.

She died when the house belonging to her grandparents collapsed. Her relatives, who were with her at the time, are believed to have survived.

She was said to have been a keen One Direction fan, and many fellow fans took to Twitter to express their condolences with the hashtag #riparianna.

Alessandro Neroni, 42

The hairdresser, who lived in the eastern coastal region of Marche, was visiting his parents while on holiday with a friend in Amatrice when the quake struck.

Local media reports that while his friend was pulled alive from a large pile of debris and survived, Mr Neroni was overwhelmed by rubble and could not be saved.

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image captionGiulia's coffin being carried out at the end of the state funeral service in Ascoli Piceno

Giulia Rinaldo, 10

Giulia was found on top of her little sister, Giorgia, who was pulled out alive after 16 hours under the rubble in Pescara del Tronto.

Erjon Toro, 34

Died when the house he was in with his family in Amatrice collapsed. He had emigrated to Italy from Albania a number of years ago.

His wife and three children survived and were treated in hospital for their injuries, according to the Albanian foreign ministry.

Family members Elisa Cafini, 14, Gabriele Pratesi, 8, Irma Cafini, 81 and Rita Colaceci, 72

Elisa Cafini, from Rome, was in the mountainous region of Pescara del Tronto with her cousin Gabriele Pratesi, 8, and grandmothers Irma Cafini, 81, and Rita Colaceci, 72.

According to local media, all four were killed in the area, known for its tight grouping of old stone and wood houses, which was razed by the quake.

Tiziana Lo Presti, 60

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Tiziana Lo Presti was reportedly an earthquake expert who spent most of her life working for Italy's Civil Protection disaster management agency, planning how to deal with emergencies.

She lived in Rome but when the earthquake struck, she was in the hamlet of Saletta, near Amatrice, visiting her mother who was recovering after a stay in hospital. She died on the spot, reports La Repubblica, but her mother survived.

Fabio Graziani and Aurelia Daogaru

The couple were on holiday in Amatrice at a relatives' house. Their nine-year-old son, Alessandro, survived as he was staying with his father's parents.

Maricica Losub, 35

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A Romanian national, Maricica Losub worked as a waitress in Amatrice where she had been living for the past 15 years. Sixteen Romanians remain unaccounted for, the Romanian foreign ministry says.

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