Corleone government sacked over mafia links

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Italy has dissolved the municipal administration of Corleone, believing the Sicilian town's authorities have been infiltrated by the mafia.

The town, known for real and fictional links with Cosa Nostra, will now be run directly by the interior ministry.

Corleone was the hometown of the fictional "Godfather" in Francis Ford Coppola's films.

It was also the birthplace of real mafia bosses Salvatore Riina and Bernardo Provenzano.

Riina and Provenzano were both eventually captured, having spent many years on the run.

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Image caption Provenzano was jailed in 2006 following many years as a fugitive

Provenzano died last month at the age of 83 while Riina, 85, remains in prison serving a life sentence.

Their links with Corleone ensured the town's continuing notoriety but in more recent years residents had tried to overcome historical associations with the criminal network, opening an anti-mafia museum.

Wednesday's move is the first time Rome has disbanded the local government in Corleone.

Local administrations in Arzano, near Naples, and Bovalino and Tropea, both in Calabria, were also dissolved this week amid allegations of mafia links.

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