Munich shootings: What we know about the Olympia shopping centre attack

Two days after a German-Iranian teenager killed nine people and then shot himself dead at Munich's Olympia shopping centre, this is what we know from the information given by police and prosecution sources.

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The attacker

  • David Ali Sonboly, 18, was a student who had concluded Middle School
  • He was reportedly bullied by fellow pupils in 2012 and filed a complaint against alleged tormentors
  • He was in a psychiatric hospital for two months in 2015, then received treatment as an outpatient
  • Medical documents point to an anxiety disorder when in contact with other people
  • Medication was found in his family home; it is not known whether he had been taking it
  • Sonboly was an avid player of first-person shooter video games, including "Counter-Strike: Source"
  • He had planned the attack for a year
  • Last year he visited the German town of Winnenden, the scene of a school shooting in 2009, and took photos
  • He was interested in shooting sprees
  • He went on his own killing spree on the fifth anniversary of the Breivik massacre in Norway
  • But police did not find Breivik's manifesto at his home
  • He wrote a manifesto himself before the shooting - we don't know what it contains
  • He set up a fake Facebook account in May, and used data from an existing account
  • He did not deliberately select his victims, nor target foreigners

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The victims

  • Sonboly killed nine people - we have the names of eight of them
  • Two 14-year-old Kosovan girls, Armela Segashi and Sabina Sulaj
  • Their Turkish friends Can Leyla, 14, and Selcuk Kilic, 15
  • 17-year-old Hussein Daitzik, of Greek origin
  • Guilliano Kollman, 18, who was shot outside the fast food restaurant
  • Kosovar Dijamant Zabergja, 20
  • Sevda Dag, a 45-year-old Turkish woman
  • 35 people were injured, of which 10 seriously and four with gunshot wounds
  • Unclear whether any of them had been lured with the attacker's Facebook invitation promising free food

Who were the victims?

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The weapon

  • Sonboly used a 9mm Glock 17, a widely used law enforcement pistol
  • He is thought to have bought it on the "dark net", but this is not confirmed
  • Police say it is a "reactivated theatre weapon", a weapon deactivated for use as a prop, but then restored to being fully functioning
  • 58 shell casings have been recovered from the crime scene, 57 of those were from the Glock 17, one was from a policeman's gun
  • They also found 300 bullets - it is not known where Sonboly got them
  • Weapons are strictly controlled in Germany
  • German Interior Minister Thomas de Maiziere says he plans to review German gun laws

Calls in Germany for tighter gun laws

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The police

  • Munich deployed 2,300 police officers to lock down the city on the night of the attack
  • Elite SWAT teams from around the country and neighbouring Austria were also deployed
  • Police were contacted by Sonboly's father after he saw the video shot in front of the McDonald's on television
  • There are calls for a constitutional change to allow the military to be deployed during attacks
  • Germany's post-war constitution only allows Bundeswehr deployment during national emergencies
  • They were responding to the second attack in less than a week in Bavaria

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