Munich shooting: 'People came screaming inside the mall'

Police tape outside mall Image copyright AFP
Image caption German police are engaged in a huge anti-terror manhunt in Munich

Eyewitnesses have been giving their accounts of the shooting attack at the Olympia shopping centre in the German city of Munich.

Dominic Faust, local resident

"About two hours ago people came screaming inside the mall. Those people told us that there was a shooting outside and so the security closed the door of this mall and asked everybody to go upstairs to the fifth floor. This is where I am right now with about 150 other folks and we are asked not to leave the building."

Jan Janherold, radio station reporter

"Police are still searching for these three... people. Our radio station here is pretty close to the central station. That one was shut down 20 minutes ago so there's special forces in here. There have been calls [saying] the people that did this have been seen there, but this is quite unclear."

Harun Balta, shop worker

"We are still stuck inside the mall without any information, we're waiting for the police to rescue us."

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Image caption People were evacuated from the scene by the emergency services

Sam Powers, pub worker

"I tried to go of the pub to seek a friend who I thought was outside and I was told to go back inside by an armed policeman so, the presence is clear, the presence is obvious. I think that people feel safe once the police say that it is safe."

Christopher Jones, works in Munich

"I saw dozens of people walking and running away from the shopping centre. I asked someone what was happening. They reported shots fired. I quickly turned around and returned home. In the garden we could hear what sounded like shots fired afterwards as well. And there's obviously loads of police around, lots of sirens, police helicopters. I'm just staying safe at home."

Richard Gutjahr, television reporter

"I took shelter in a nearby flat, about 200 metres away from the shopping centre. About 12 people are here. They were taken in by a resident. And they told me what they've seen. Shots were fired inside the shopping centre as well as outside in the car park. These shots were not connected to the shooting outside a close-by fast food restaurant. That means, considering all these accounts, we might indeed be dealing with several perpetrators."

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Image caption They had their hands on their heads as they left the shopping centre

Janek Schmidt, freelance journalist

"There's still people outside the shopping centre here who are waiting for some of their relatives who locked themselves into shops in order to put themselves into safety, and some reports of some of them just being let out by the police, but others are still waiting anxiously for their relatives."

Frank, was in shopping centre

"There were some guys, they were running and they are calling that there is a man with a gun. I heard three shots and ran away. The next exit was 50 metres away and the man was coming from there."

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