Euro 2016: Portuguese delight, French gloom in papers

Front pages of Portuguese papers Jornal de Noticias and Diario de Noticias
Image caption "It's ours" and "Champions" is the ecstatic refrain in the Portuguese press

Portugal's newspapers are jubilant after the national football team wins its first international trophy, while the French press come to terms with their loss.

"We are champions," cries Portugal's top-selling tabloid Correio da Manha on its front page, with a picture of Ronaldo holding the cup.

"Portugal wins despite everything and everyone," the paper adds.

Sports paper O Jogo proclaims the team the "Eternals", while sports newspaper A Bola hails the "Pride of Portugal" on its front page.

'Lost' 2004 title

"Ronaldo told me I'd score the winning goal," says Eder, the only goal-scorer. "The Portuguese people deserve this," he tells online sports paper Maisfutebol.

"It's ours!" runs the front-page headline in Jornal de Noticias. It praises Eder's "history-making missile" in the 109th minute, and adds that Ronaldo - who went off injured after 20 minutes - "lifted a cup made of effort and tears".

On the inside pages, former Portugal coach Luis Filipe Scolari describes the win as "rescuing the lost title of 2004", when his team went down to a shock defeat by Greece in Lisbon.

Publico declares 10 July the "Day of Portugal", adding: "Portugal left for the games saddled with the loser tag, and returns victorious."

Image caption Liberation says defeat is "like the Blues/Les Bleus", while La Depeche du Midi finds the result "too cruel"

Beaten by realism

French sports daily L'Equipe sums up the gloomy mood with the headline "Crushed". "During a sad final, France succumbs to Portugal," it says.

Image caption "Crushed" - L'Equipe

For Liberation the "Blues" (the French team's nickname) were beaten by Portuguese "realism".

Regional daily La Depeche du Midi finds the defeat "Too cruel", while La Voix du Nord speaks of a "Broken dream".

Playing on the opening words of the refrain of the Marseillaise - "Aux armes, citoyens" ("To arms, citizens") - La Voix du Nord's match report instead calls the French "to tears" ("Aux larmes").

"It was beautiful, it was sad, it's over," says Le Monde. It believes the final was both just - handing Portugal its long-awaited first international trophy - and unjust, because France deserved to win as much as Portugal.

Dry your tears

Image caption "Thank you for the moment", says L'Humanite

L'Humanite evokes the feeling of hope disappointed with the ironic headline "Thank you for the moment."

The title of prominent journalist Valerie Trierweiler's angry memoir of her relationship and break-up with President Francois Hollande, the phrase has become a byword for bitter regret.

But Le Figaro's commentator Yves Threard looks on the bright side, declaring that getting to the final is "a great success all the same".

"France needs to dry its tears as it has every reason to be proud," he adds.

Elsewhere, Russian papers focus on Ronaldo's personal triumph, with Sport Express branding him "King of Europe!".

Sovetsky Sport highlights Ronaldo's injury. "He would certainly have rescheduled this injury for any other match," it says. "He would have gladly missed all of next season."

German tabloid Bild headlines its front page story "Tears and triumph", while Sueddeutsche Zeitung notes Portugal's "salvation" by Eder's goal.

Spain's sports paper Marca tells the Iberian neighbours: "Portugal, it's no longer a dream: It's real."

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