Belgium transfers Paris attacks suspect Attou to France

Paris shooting suspect Salah Abdeslam and suspected accomplice Hamza Attou are seen at a petrol station on a motorway between Paris and Brussels, in Trith-Saint-Leger, France on 14 November 2015 Image copyright Reuters
Image caption Hamza Attou (right) and Salah Abdeslam are seen here at a French petrol station on 14 November 2015

Belgian terror suspect Hamza Attou, accused of involvement in last November's jihadist attacks in Paris, has been handed over to French police.

Mr Attou, 21, was charged for driving fellow suspect Salah Abdeslam back to Brussels from Paris on the night of the attacks, when 130 people were killed.

Hamza Attou had opposed extradition to France but Belgium handed him over on Wednesday, prosecutors said.

Belgium transferred Salah Abdeslam to French police in April.

Prosecutors say another suspect, Mohamed Amri, was with Hamza Attou in the car that picked up Salah Abdeslam on 13 November. Mr Amri is still in Belgian custody. The three were caught by CCTV cameras at a French petrol station on 14 November.

So-called Islamic State said it carried out the Paris bombings and shootings on 13 November, which were at least partly planned in Brussels. Hundreds were also wounded in the attacks.

Belgium is preparing to hand over Mohamed Bakkali to France - another suspect held for his alleged role in the November Paris attacks. But Belgium has set the condition that he must serve any prison sentence in Belgium.

France also wants to question Mohamed Amri and a third suspect in Belgian custody - Ali Oulkadi.

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Image caption Belgian police arrested Hamza Attou (foreground) on 14 November and Salah Abdeslam in March this year

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