Princess Charlotte: Galway man's woven rattle makes it into royal toy box

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Media captionPrincess Charlotte has a toy box full of regal gifts, but among them is a simple woven rattle made by a Galway basket maker.

Princess Charlotte has a toy box full of gifts, but among them is a simple woven rattle made by Galway basket maker Ciaran Hogan.

It costs just over £10 to buy, but sits alongside a £30,000 white gold rattle and a teddy bear from the President of the United States.

They feature on a list of presents given to the royal baby in the year since her birth.

Image copyright Ciaran Hogen
Image caption The rattle contains seven stones - representing the seven deadly sins

Speaking to the BBC's Good Morning Ulster programme, Mr Hogan explained how the hand-made gift ended up in the princess's possession.

Image copyright HRH the Duchess of Cambridge
Image caption The princess has received gifts from all over the world

"In May last year, the Prince of Wales came over to Galway and I thought it would be a nice idea to give it to him.

"He gave it to Charlotte, I don't know when exactly, the first I heard of it was when I saw the rattle on the list of gifts.

"I can imagine that not all the gifts for the princess make it through, so I was really chuffed to find out mine had."

Image copyright Sean Mannion
Image caption Mr Hogan was not sure if Princess Charlotte had received his gift until almost a year later

He said the rattle was made from willow and contained seven stones, which symbolised the seven deadly sins.

"When the child shakes the rattle, she is shaking away those evils", he said.

When quizzed about how the rattle would stand the test of time he said it could "go a bit soggy" if Princess Charlotte decided to chew the top as many babies do.

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