Leaders of the Easter Rising

The leaders of the Easter Rising were:

Éamonn Ceannt: Born in Galway in 1881, Ceannt was a co-founder of the Irish Volunteers

.As the commander of the Fourth Battalion of Irish Volunteers during the Rising, he took possession of the South Dublin Union, precursor to the modern-day St. James's Hospital.

Thomas Clarke: Born on the Isle of Wight in 1857, Clarke's father was a soldier in the British army.

The first signatory of the Proclamation of Independence through deference to his seniority, Clarke was with the group that occupied the GPO.

James Connolly: Born in Edinburgh in 1868, Connolly was first introduced to Ireland as a member of the British Army.

In 1913, Connolly was one of the founders of the Irish Citizen Army. During the Easter Rising he was appointed Commandant-General of the Dublin forces, leading the group that occupied the General Post Office.

Seán MacDiarmada: Born in Leitrim, MacDiarmada joined the Irish Republican Brotherhood in 1906

Although MacDiarmada was afflicted with polio in 1912, he was appointed as a member of the provisional committee of Irish Volunteers from 1913. During the Rising he was based in the GPO.

Thomas MacDonagh: A native of Tipperary, MacDonagh was the first teacher on the staff at St. Enda's, the school he helped to found with Patrick Pearse. He was appointed director of training for the Irish Volunteers in 1914, later joining the IRB.

He was commander of the Second Battalion of Volunteers that occupied Jacob's biscuit factory and surrounding houses during the Rising.

Patrick Pearse: Pearse was born in Dublin. In 1898 he became a member of the Gaelic League' executive committee.

One of the founder members of the Irish Volunteers, and one of the authors of the Proclamation of Independence, Pearse was present in the GPO during the Rising, and was commander in chief of the Irish forces.

Joseph Mary Plunkett: Born in Dublin, he joined the Irish Volunteers in 1913, gaining membership of the IRB in 1914.

During the planning of the Rising, Plunkett was appointed director of military operations, with overall responsibility for military strategy. He was stationed in the GPO during the Rising.