Calais 'Jungle' migrants resist container move

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media caption'Containers are the same as jail'

Migrant residents of the makeshift Calais camp called the "Jungle" have told the BBC they will resist efforts to move them to new accommodation in converted shipping containers.

Migrants living in the camp said they wanted to stay in their tents, despite poor living conditions.

Efforts are underway to clear an area of the camp next to a motorway.

Some people are moving their temporary homes further inside the Jungle but say they do not want to leave.

French police are expected to clear about 20% of the camp soon and transfer 1,000 residents to converted shipping containers, fitted with electricity, heating and bunk beds.

One anonymous Iraqi migrant said he feared tighter restrictions if he moved.

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image captionThe containers can house several hundred migrants

He said: "Personally, I wouldn't go because they are requiring fingerprints and they are forcing us to stay in France to apply for asylum which we are not happy to do."

One Eritrean migrant called Mohammed told the BBC he would "try to fight" the move.

He said: "If we go inside to stay in the warm we don't try to cross the border."

He said being close to the motorway gave migrants a better chance of hiding in passing lorries, bound for the UK.

"The trucks that are coming here are mostly very quick," he said. "That is why we are near the road."

Pink paint

The authorities had given residents until Thursday evening to leave the area, but they will reportedly have a grace period until Monday.

Police are spraying lines of pink paint on the ground to mark out the camp's new borders.

Some people have started to move further into the camp, before bulldozers arrive. The authorities say that if this continues, and the refugees and migrants comply with aid workers who are moving tents, police action will be unnecessary.

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image captionWasteland around the Eurotunnel terminal has been flooded to stop migrants trying to enter

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