Paris attacks: Schools step up security

Police outside Eiffel Tower Image copyright EPA
Image caption French police continue to enforce "Vigipirate", the country's national security alert system

France has stepped up security in schools as the country continues to enforce its anti-terrorism system, Vigipirate.

Schools will follow a series of measures introduced by the country's ministry of education.

Two different versions - one for schools within the Ile-de-France region around Paris and another for those outside - have been implemented.

They include introducing special "smoking areas" within school grounds.

The ministry says it has placed "special attention" on areas immediately outside establishments, to avoid crowds "detrimental to school safety".

It added that special outdoor spaces will be arranged within secondary schools to prevent students leaving the premises - especially for smoking.

Other measures include bag checks and a ban on parking outside schools.

Image copyright Ministry of Education
Image caption Students have been told to report any suspicious behaviour

In Ile-de-France, school trips within the region will be banned until 29 November. Trips outside the region - including those abroad - must be reported to authorities, which may choose to forbid them.

Schools must also carry out two safety drills by the Christmas holidays - a fire drill and shelter evacuation.

Suzanne, a 17-year-old student from Paris, said: "I don't have to be left terrorised because I don't want to play the terrorists' game. But I am not relaxed. Not in school, not outside. The measures are useful but symbolic."

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