Paris attacks: Search goes on for missing

Two women pause for thought outside Le Carillon restaurant in Paris (16 Nov) Image copyright Getty Images
Image caption More than 250 people are seriously wounded and not all have been identified

Among the many arresting images from Paris since the Friday attacks was that of the distraught father pleading with French Prime Minister Manuel Valls for news of his missing daughter, Nathalie Jardin.

"I don't know where my daughter is," said Patrick Jardin. "I don't know if she's still alive or in which hospital she might be." His daughter had been working at the Bataclan concert hall as a lighting director.

Confirmation of her death emerged on Monday but the search goes on for several others missing since Islamists opened fire on the Bataclan and several other sites in Paris on Friday night.

The hashtag #rechercheParis has been widely used. And as the identities of the dead and wounded have been confirmed, many of the names and faces originally posted on Twitter have been updated with the simple word "deceased".

At least 10 of the victims are yet to be identified.

Hospitals in Paris said in a statement on Monday that of the 80 people admitted in a critical condition, 29 remained in intensive care. Another 48 are still being treated but are no longer in a critical condition.

One nurse posted a message on Sunday saying that some patients who were not in a critical condition had not been identified and were labelled as "X".

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Image caption For days, appeals have been put out to no avail in search of 17-year-old Remi Suquate

Remi Suquate was among the crowd watching Eagles of Death Metal at the Bataclan where at least 82 people were killed.

Lola Ouzounian was also at the Bataclan, and also 17 years old. One young woman wrote that Lola was her teacher's daughter. "Let's help him, please," she tweeted.

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Image caption People took to Twitter to appeal for the search for Lola Ouzounian to continue
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Image caption Nicolas Degenhardt, 38 and from the Loire region, has not been heard of since he was with his friend on the terrace of "La Bonne Biere" on Friday night.
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Image caption One of the missing was named as Jean-Michel Ovide, the father of a friend

Most messages on social media gave brief details of those who were missing: their height, age and hair colour.

One appealed for help in finding Seraphin Amafela, 29, with the simple message: "Letter K tattooed on left shoulder."

For some of those searching for friends and loved ones, word eventually came that they had not survived.

Sven Alejandro Silva Perugini, a Venezuelan working in Spain, had been at the Bataclan concert. For days, appeals on social media were made from friends and relatives at home. But eventually his body was identified.

The #rechercheparis hashtag did, however, have some successful outcomes.

For days, friends of Eli Sardon, a 23-year-old student, appealed for help in tracing her. She had been at La Belle Equipe restaurant when it came under fire.

Finally, on Tuesday, someone from a Paris hospital rang up to say that someone of Eli's description was being treated.

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Image caption For Eli Sardon's family and friend at least there was some good news

"Thanks, everyone, thanks. You don't know how much help you've been," tweeted one friend.