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Egypt's 'lost' train rescued from desert after nine years

Kharga Oasis Image copyright Hanne Siegmeier via Wikimedia Commons
Image caption The train was left stranded in the Kharga oasis

A train left stranded in the Egyptian desert for nine years is being moved to Cairo by lorry, media reports say.

The train was originally part of a line opened in 1999 linking Egypt's Western Desert with a port on the Red Sea.

The line, subject to shifting sands, was forced to close due to difficulties maintaining it and after thieves stole some 93 miles (150km) of tracks.

The train, unable to move, was left stranded and forgotten in the Kharga oasis, west of Luxor.

Now, engineers from a private haulage firm have finally begun dismantling it and loading it piece by piece into lorries destined for the capital.

According to reports, they were initially detained by local police, who thought the engineers were trying to steal the train.

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