France floods: Your stories

media captionFootage filmed in Cannes showed floodwater rushing through the streets

Violent storms and heavy rain hit the south-east France on Saturday evening. It is estimated that the city of Nice received 10% of its average yearly rainfall in two days alone and floodwater was seen in the streets of Cannes.

BBC News website readers have been sharing their experience of the unexpected and heavy rainfall.

image copyrightAnna Maj
image captionAnna Maj took this picture of the damage in Biot, France

"I saw the storm last night and I have never seen anything so bad. The rain was worse than anything I've even seen in a monsoon shower.

"My friend and I were planning to watch the rugby in a bar, but soon realised the weather was too bad to go out. The TV started to flicker until it stopped completely and the WiFi went too.

"The lights were constantly going on and off and friends were saying they had no power at all." - Eliza Fleming, Cannes

image copyrightAndrew Rowney
image captionAndrew Rowney sent in this image the day after the storm
image copyrightAnna Maj
image captionAnna Maj also sent this picture of the flood damage in Biot

"We wanted to go out but decided not to as the rain was unbelievably heavy. There was a lot of lightning in quick succession. Our apartment is on the ground floor.

"We could see the water rising very quickly. We opened the door and there was a huge gust of wind. It was terrifying.

Today it is calm and there are clear blue skies." - Katya Higham-Stoianova, Cannes

Julia Huber tweeted this picture of the flooding in Cannes

image copyright@JuliaaHuuber
image captionFlooded stairwell in Cannes

"I'm in Cannes. The rain on Saturday night was amazing.

The immediate result was that from around 2230, the internet failed completely everywhere. No card machines could be used to pay restaurant bills.

On Sunday, none of the cash machines in Cannes were operating." - Gerry Buckland

Interviews conducted and compiled by Alison Daye

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