One second directory enquiry call in Republic of Ireland 'can cost €5.58'

The cost of directory enquiry calls in the Republic of Ireland has risen significantly in recent years, according to a new report.

Research by the Consumers' Association of Ireland (CAI) shows the cost of calls can vary from 60 cents (48p) to €5.58 (£4.46) for a one-second call.

The CAI said it was so difficult to decipher the charges, it required the help of a mathematician.

The report said there was no pattern to the charges.

It said they differed hugely depending on the provider, the network and whether the call came from a prepaid or bill-pay phone.

The report shows the costs from an Eircom landline can vary massively.

It said a one-minute call to 11811 costs €3.42 (£2.73), while the 11850 service costs €5.58, and the 11890 service costs €3.40 (£2.72).

However, the CAI said that each service has a set-up fee and a minimum price, which sees consumers being charged €5.58 for a one-second call to the 11850 service.

Eircom, which operates the 11811 number, said its charges were fully transparent and were indicated during all advertisements and promotions.

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