US bobsleigher Quinn trapped twice in Sochi in 48 hours

Johnny Quinn at a press conference in Sochi (3 February 2014) Image copyright Getty Images
Image caption Johnny Quinn was trapped in the lift with two teammates

A US bobsleigher got stuck in a lift barely 48 hours after becoming trapped in his bathroom at the Olympic athletes' village in Sochi, Russia.

Johnny Quinn tweeted a photo of himself trying to pry open the lift door, saying: "No one is going to believe this but we got stuck in an elevator."

A team spokesperson confirmed he eventually managed to get out.

Quinn made international headlines on the weekend when he was forced to smash through a jammed bathroom door.

The brakeman discovered he was unable to open the door after taking a shower on the opening day of the Winter Games.

Image copyright Reuters
Image caption Johnny Quinn used his "bobsleigh push" to burst through the door

"With no phone to call for help, I used my bobsled push training to break out," he said in a tweet.

Construction issues

Quinn spent Monday morning talking to journalists to explain how he had managed to burst through the bathroom door.

A few hours later, he then became stuck with two teammates in a lift before dinner.

It is not yet clear how they were able to escape.

In a separate incident at the weekend, GB bobsleigher Bex Wilson emerged from her athletes' village room to find an open lift shaft.

"Paula Walker nearly didn't have her brakewoman after walking out into this," wrote Wilson, captioning a photo of the open shaft. Walker and Wilson form the British two-woman bobsleigh team in Sochi.

The Sochi Games have had various problems with the provision and build quality of accommodation for athletes and journalists attending the Olympics.

Reporters arriving in Sochi over recent weeks have documented unusual "twin" toilet installations, unfinished hotels and problems with water and electricity supply.

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