At the scene: Death in Kiev

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Media captionBBC journalist: "I saw a body right beneath the window"

A BBC journalist in Kiev reports on what appear to be two of the first deaths in the confrontation between protesters and police in Ukraine, which spilled over into rioting this week. This is what he saw.

"It was just after 07:00 [05:00 GMT] when I received information that a man had been killed during the clashes. I went to the medical unit in the Academy of Sciences building, right next to the barricades, to confirm.

"When I arrived, it was surrounded by guards. A young representative of the Maidan protesters' medical service came out and said a young man had indeed been killed at around 06:00 and they were waiting for the police and investigators to arrive.

"Five or ten minutes later, the police arrived along with a forensics expert. Ten minutes after that, another group of men in suits with folders and documents arrived. They were from the prosecutor's office. The police were constantly on the phone to someone.

"The situation became very tense as more journalists came to the building and news spread among the protesters that a young man had been shot. Meanwhile the riot police and interior ministry troops stayed in their positions, still firing rubber bullets and throwing stun grenades. Protesters responded by throwing fireworks and Molotov cocktails at the police.

Second body

"Then I saw the riot police move very quickly towards the barricades but they were stopped by Molotov cocktails so they pulled back to their positions and we turned our attention to what was happening with the investigators.

"Just then there was a big surge and the protesters started to shout 'run away'. We saw riot police on top of the barricades. There was pandemonium. Everyone was shouting.

"I went up to my hotel room overlooking the site of the protests and I looked out of my window. I saw the riot police making a massive attack on the protesters, who were withdrawing quickly. I saw the riot police at the front of the attack using their rubber bullet guns to shoot at the protesters.

"I was taking pictures from my window of the riot police attacking the protesters and I looked down and I saw a body right beneath the window, which showed no signs of life.

"Several riot policemen came up to the body and started to prod it with their hands and feet. I had my video camera on for 10 or 15 seconds as they touched the body and the person showed no signs of life. And then the police took the body by the arms and dragged it towards the police lines.

"The whole scene took about five to seven minutes, after which the protesters began a new push against the riot police, shooting fireworks at them.

"I heard the riot police commanders order them to pull back to their positions. The attack took about 20 to 25 minutes in total and ended in stalemate. That is how it looked."

Image caption Our reporter took pictures of police dragging away a body

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