In pictures: Long-lost art unveiled in Germany

image captionThis unregistered self-portrait by German expressionist painter Otto Dix is one of the most striking finds in a hidden store of pre-war art being investigated by the German authorities in Munich. At least some of the works were seized by the Nazis from their original owners.
image captionImages of the paintings were projected at a news conference. This is another Dix painting. Such work was mocked by the Nazis as "degenerate".
image captionThe German artist Ernst Ludwig Kirchner was also branded a "degenerate". This picture, entitled Melancholic Girl, was not previously listed.
image captionThis painting is by another expressionist, Franz Marc, who was killed in action during World War One.
image captionThis impressionistic picture, Two Riders on the Beach, was painted by German Jewish artist Max Liebermann.
image captionOne of the non-German highlights in the hidden collection is this painting by Marc Chagall, the Jewish painter from Belarus who settled in France.
image captionAnother non-German work is this painting by French artist Henri Matisse - Seated Woman.
image captionThe Munich trove of more than 1,400 works also includes older artists, such as French realist Gustave Courbet.