Tornado damages Galway buildings

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Media captionThe tornado was filmed on a mobile phone

A tornado has caused structural damage to a number of buildings in the Republic of Ireland, knocking down several trees.

There are no reports of any injuries but power supplies were affected around the Clonfert area of Galway on Wednesday evening.

Locals described how a "black cloud" was spotted above Clonfert shortly after 18:30 BST.

One eyewitness said a cloud was spinning as it moved along.

The BBC Northern Ireland weather department said: "When a funnel cloud touches the ground it becomes a tornado."

Parish priest Fr John Naughton said the way in which trees had been damaged was "almost indescribable".

He said branches had been whipped away and that a number of old trees in the area had been uprooted.

A number of old gravestones in the cemetery adjoining St Brendan's Cathedral in Clonfert have been knocked over by the winds.

A number of roofs have also been dislodged from farm buildings.

It is understood the roof of the tea rooms at the back of the Emmanuel House of Prayer in Clonfert has been badly damaged.

Met Éireann said: "Funnel clouds can form in isolated cases following heavy showers and when this happens they generate locally strong winds, similar to those reported in east Galway."