'Motorway shooter' arrested in Germany

image captionMost of the shootings happened in western and southern Germany

Police in Germany have arrested a man suspected of carrying out more than 700 shootings on the country's motorways since 2008.

The 57-year-old lorry driver was held in a raid in western Germany on Sunday. A cache of firearms was also seized.

The man is accused of firing at lorries on the autobahns, injuring one woman.

Last year, police quadrupled a reward for information on the shootings to 100,000 euros (£85,000) after larger ammunition was used for the first time.

The police say the attacker, or attackers, began using 9mm ammunition, increasing the potential threat.

The suspect - whose name has not been released - is now being held in custody pending formal charges.

Prior to Sunday's raid investigators compared licence plate data with the routes of vehicles that had been targeted, the regional public broadcaster SWR reports.

Information from mobile phone masts by the motorways where the shootings had taken place was also analysed.

Most of the attacks happened in western and southern Germany.