Irish prime minister Enda Kenny 'received letters in blood'

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Media captionEnda Kenny: "I'm getting medals, scapulars, plastic foetuses, letters written in blood, telephone calls all over the system and it's not confined to me"

The Irish prime minister has revealed that he has been sent letters written in blood ahead of a controversial vote on abortion legislation.

Enda Kenny has been subjected to claims that he is a "murderer".

His government agreed a draft bill in April to allow for limited access to terminations where a woman's life is in danger, including the threat of suicide.

A vote is due to take place before parliament's summer recess in July.

There has been intense opposition from members of the government, pro-life advocacy groups and the Catholic church.

On Tuesday the Catholic bishops of Ireland issued a statement saying every citizen "should be deeply concerned" by the government's proposals.

But Mr Kenny insisted he was "a public representative, who happens to be a Catholic, but not a Catholic Taoiseach (prime minister)".