In pictures: Turkey protests

image captionProtests have continued overnight in Turkey. There were fierce clashes in and around the Besiktas district of Istanbul, where protesters threw stones at the office of Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan. Police responded with water cannon and tear gas.
image captionThere was also unrest in Ankara, where scores of protesters were arrested.
image captionThe protests were triggered by plans to redevelop a park in Istanbul but have become a channel for anti-government discontent.
image captionEarlier on Sunday, tens of thousands of people attended a third day of anti-government protests in 67 Turkish towns and cities. Mr Erdogan rejects claims that he is a "dictator", accusing opposition parties of provoking the demonstrations.
image captionPolice fired tear gas and water cannon to break up demonstrations in Ankara.
image captionBut protesters accused the authorities of using excessive force after hundreds of people were wounded in the clashes.
image captionBefore Sunday night, the clashes in Ankara had been relatively minor and some of the protests hours before had taken on a carnival atmosphere.
image captionBut then, protesters attempted to march on the prime minister's office. Mr Erdogan said on Sunday that those taking part in protests were trying to undermine democracy.
image captionThe Interior Ministry says more than 1,700 people have been arrested in the clashes since Friday.