'Raining money': Belgians urged to return stolen cash

image captionThe local prosecutor says it was "self service" as passers-by pocketed the scattered cash

Police are urging people from a small town in Belgium to return tens of thousands of euros in cash that were thrown out of a speeding car by thieves attempting to make a getaway.

The incident occurred in the Flemish town of Zedelgem after the thieves stole a safe from a nearby house.

The thieves threw the safe out of the car to distract police officers. It broke open and passers-by grabbed 50, 100 and 200-euro notes that were scattered.

The thieves are still on the run.

'Raining money'

One man said he had picked up two rolls of 5,000 euros only to have a police officer grab them back, reports the BBC's Matthew Price.

Another said it was as if it was "raining money".

The local prosecutor says it was "self service" as passers-by filled their pockets with the scattered cash.

While some have returned the money, a considerable sum is yet to be recovered.

Anyone keeping the cash could face up to two years in jail, officials say.

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