EU quiz - or, how big is your deficit?

eu quiz

The UK debate about EU membership is in full swing, with the balance of powers under intense scrutiny. Would you recognise an acquis or passerelle in Brussels? Don't worry, we won't test you on your French. Now see if you can hold your own with the EU diplomats!

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1.) Multiple Choice Question

Which country apart from the UK has a treaty opt-out from the euro?

  1. Czech Republic
  2. Denmark
  3. Lithuania
  4. Malta

2.) Multiple Choice Question

Which well-known European politician said: "We all know what to do, we just don't know how to get re-elected after we've done it"?

eu leaders
  1. Herman Van Rompuy
  2. Silvio Berlusconi
  3. Jean-Claude Juncker
  4. Francois Hollande

3.) Multiple Choice Question

How much of the EU budget is spent on agriculture and rural development?

french combine harvester
  1. 52%
  2. 41%
  3. 69%
  4. 25%

4.) Multiple Choice Question

What name has the EU given to its new system for scrutinising national budgets?

uk budget case
  1. European Semester
  2. European Stability Mechanism
  3. European Cohesion

5.) Multiple Choice Question

Which country is next in line to join the EU?

flags of eu member states
  1. Iceland
  2. Montenegro
  3. Croatia
  4. Norway

6.) Multiple Choice Question

How many official languages are there in the EU?

eu commissioner olli rehn
  1. Three
  2. 12
  3. 23

7.) Multiple Choice Question

How many MEPs sit in the European Parliament?

european parliament debate
  1. 536
  2. 754
  3. 620

8.) Multiple Choice Question

Which country's playful art installation caused a furore at the EU summit venue in Brussels in 2009?

Cerny art installation
  1. Republic of Ireland
  2. Czech Republic
  3. Italy
  4. Slovenia


  1. It's Denmark. Like the UK, it negotiated an opt-out under the treaty on monetary union. That remains even if the Danish economy meets the eurozone criteria. But Denmark can still join the euro if it wishes in future.
  2. It was Jean-Claude Juncker, Prime Minister of Luxembourg, who chairs the grouping of eurozone finance ministers (the Eurogroup). Probably his most famous quote, he uttered it in 2005, before the euro crisis. But it now stands for the tough and unpopular austerity imposed by politicians across the EU.
  3. It's 41%. The Common Agricultural Policy (CAP) has been reformed since the days of wine lakes and butter mountains. In 1970 the CAP gobbled up 87% of the budget. Farm payments have shifted away from subsidies for production - but there is pressure for deeper reforms.
  4. European Semester. All 27 member states - not just the eurozone - submit their annual budget plans to the European Commission for inspection in April. The Commission later makes recommendations and can withhold some EU funds if governments accumulate too much debt.
  5. It's Croatia. The plan is for it to join in July this year, becoming the second ex-Yugoslav country after Slovenia to join. The accession process takes years, as countries have to fulfil a long list of requirements - economic, social and judicial.
  6. It's 23. There are 27 member states, but a few countries have common languages, such as German, French and Dutch. In 2011 the EU translated more than two million pages - 12.3% of them into English.
  7. It's 754. They hold sessions in Brussels and Strasbourg. After the next elections in 2014 there will be 751 MEPs. The assembly has grown considerably because of EU enlargement. The number of seats per country depends on population size.
  8. It was the Czech Republic. Artist David Cerny poked fun at European stereotypes, but Bulgaria protested, as it was portrayed as a toilet. Cerny later admitted misleading officials about his intentions. The Bulgaria portion was covered up with a black cloth.

Your Score

0 - 3 : Brussels sprout

4 - 7 : Strasbourg slicker

8 - 8 : Brussels muscles

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