Irish town's missing snowman returned in deflated state

Called Snowy the decoration went missing from the roof of a building in Wicklow Town
Image caption Snowy was taken from the roof of a building in Wicklow

Pranksters who stole the 60ft inflatable snowman centrepiece of an Irish town's Christmas display have returned him in a deflated state.

The decoration, called Snowy, went missing from the roof of a building in Wicklow Town last week.

It was found on Tuesday morning with the air let out and a sign saying 'I'm sorry'.

Martina Robinson from the town's chamber of commerce said they were delighted to get him back.

"The guards (Irish police) got a call that he had been left at a museum in the town to Captain Halpin, a famous Wicklow man who captained the SS Great Eastern which laid the telegraph cables from Europe to America," she said.

Image caption Snowy will be returned to his place of honour

"They had got him over a three foot fence, along with his 8ft base and left him there, it must have been quite an effort.

"We're delighted to have him back and have checked him over, he's not damaged and is being re-inflated.

She said that members of the chamber of commerce had invested heavily in the Christmas display and that the police had been checking the inflatable snowman for fingerprints.

"There was a lot of talk about what may have happened to him, someone with a few drinks taken may have been involved I think," she said.

"So there were supposed sightings of him all over the place. Some people were even saying he had got lonely and went to the other side of the town to speak to an inflatable ballerina we also have."