Fisherman catches giant trout in County Galway

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Welsh fisherman Ceri Jones caught the fish

One man certainly caught the fish of the day after he pulled a giant trout out of the water in County Galway.

Welsh fisherman Ceri Jones caught the fish which weighed 25lb 2oz on Saturday on Lough Corrib.

He has claimed it is the largest trout ever caught on the lough, beating the previous record by more than 3lbs.

"The bar is set as far as Lough Corrib is concerned," he said.

"This is the biggest ever trout caught, it only has to beat the Irish record of one at 26lbs which was caught in Lough Ennell (in County Westmeath) in the 1800s."

It is not the first time, the fisherman has made headlines.

Mr Jones has a previous catch, caught in the same week last year, mounted on the wall of a local bar.

He said this one will now be placed beside it.

"It is so big, they will have to ask for planning permission," he joked.

Not content to settle with his achievement, he said: "I wonder if there is a bigger one out there."

The Welshman, who is on the third day of his three week visit to Ireland, said he is now determined to beat his own record.