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Image caption Only relatively few people read newspapers in Poland, where internet usage is fairly high

Poland's broadcasting market is the largest in Eastern and Central Europe.

TV is the leading medium and three major broadcasters - state-owned TVP and private TVN and Polsat - dominate the market.

The main players in radio are Germany's RMF Group, France's Eurozet and state-owned Polish Radio.

There are more than 300 newspapers, most of them local or regional. The most popular paper, the Fakt tabloid, is owned by a German-Swiss group.

The constitution guarantees freedom of expression and forbids censorship.

However, the newly-elected conservative Law and Justice government introduced measures in late 2015 to allow ministers to appoint the heads of TVP and Polish Radio, prompting an unprecedented European Commission inquiry into any potential threat to freedom of expression.

There were 28 million internet users by 2016 ( Facebook is the leading social network; there were more than 20 million Polish accounts by 2015.

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  • Telewizja Polska (TVP) - public, operates two national networks, regional services and international satellite channel TV Polonia
  • TVN - commercial, also operates news channel TVN 24
  • Polsat - commercial channel and pay-TV operator
  • Cyfra+ - pay-TV operator


  • Polish Radio - public, operates five national networks and many regional stations
  • - Polish Radio's news site, in English
  • RMF FM - commercial
  • Radio Zet - commercial
  • Radio Maryja - controversial Catholic station, run by Redemptorist Order

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