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Montenegro profile - Media

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image captionCommercial operators compete for a small pool of advertising revenue

Newspapers, the public broadcaster RTCG and commercial TVs and radios operate in a crowded media market. Many commercial outlets struggle to turn a profit.

Montenegro is sometimes described as a media colony - outlets from neighbouring Serbia, Bosnia and Croatia operate in the country.

Reporters Without Borders (RSF) says media outlets face serious economic pressures. The government often avoids giving public advertising contracts to opposition media, says Freedom House.

Reporters who cover corruption and organised crime risk violence.

There are more than 465,000 internet users, around 74% of the population (We Are Social/Hootsuite, 2019). Facebook is the most popular social network.

The press

  • Vijesti - daily
  • Pobjeda - daily
  • Dan - daily
  • Monitor - political weekly