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Lithuanian media are free to operate independently of the state

Lithuania's private broadcasters compete with the public networks run by Lithuanian National Radio and Television (LRT).

TV is the most popular medium and the sector includes digital terrestrial, cable and online outlets.

The popularity of print media is on the wane, reflecting a global trend. Some former print titles have relocated online.

Media ownership is concentrated among a small number of domestic and foreign companies.

Although the media are free and operate independently of the state, anti-Western rhetoric from Russian media targeting the Baltic states has prompted tighter controls.

Lithuania has imposed fines and rebroadcasting bans on some Russian TVs, and 2015 legislation makes sanctions over "war propaganda" easier to impose.

By the end of 2018 there were 2.6 million internet users - around 91% of the population ( Around 1.4 million Lithuanians use Facebook.

The BBC World Service broadcasts in Vilnius on 95.5 FM.

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