Armenia profile - Media

Television is Armenia's dominant medium. Private stations operate alongside public TV. The main Russian networks are widely available.

The ruling elite has a strong influence within the TV scene. Several leading networks are said to be linked to officials or pro-government business figures.

Few Armenians rely on newspapers as their main news source. Print runs are small - usually a few thousand copies - and most titles are owned by wealthy individuals or political parties.

A media law prohibits censorship. However, libel and defamation can be punished by prison terms and journalists have been sentenced under relevant laws.

"The print media are diverse and polarised, investigative journalism prospers on the internet, but pluralism lags behind in the broadcast media," says Reporters Without Borders (RSF).

Internet access is on the rise. More than 2 million Armenians are online; around 70% of the population (, 2017).

Most users access the web via mobile devices. Russian-language Odnoklassniki and Facebook are the most popular social media platforms.

The press



News agencies/internet

  • Arka - private, English-language pages
  • Armenpress - state-run, English-language pages
  • Mediamax - private, English-language pages
  • Arminfo - private
  • A1+ - news website, English-language pages