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image captionNewspapers carry a range of views

Television is the most popular medium although online media are gaining ground as news sources.

Georgian Public Broadcaster (GPB) operates two TV networks. The leading commercial station, Rustavi-2, was a strong critic of the Georgian Dream-led government until a change of ownership in 2019.

Foreign channels are available on satellite and cable, including Russian networks.

The press carries a broad range of viewpoints but reader numbers are low and reporting tends towards sensationalism.

The media environment is among the freest in the former Soviet sphere. The constitution provides for freedom of speech and journalists often criticise officials. US-based Freedom House says the media scene is "robust and competitive, but frequently partisan".

There are almost 2.7 million internet users by June 2019 (Internetworldstats). There is no censorship of online content.

The most popular social network is Facebook.

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