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Television is France's most popular medium. The flagship network, TF1, is privately-owned and public broadcaster France Televisions is funded from the TV licence fee and advertising revenue.

Satellite and cable offer a proliferation of channels. Major pay-TV operator Canal+ is owned by media giant Vivendi. Digital terrestrial TV carries dozens of channels.

France has a free press and more than 100 daily newspapers. Most of them are in private hands and are not linked to political parties.

Public Radio France serves a domestic audience and French overseas territories. Commercial radios, particularly RTL and Europe 1, command large audiences.

France is a force in international broadcasting. Radio France Internationale is a leading outlet and its Arabic-language Monte Carlo Doualiya service broadcasts across the Middle East.

Global news channel France 24 TV broadcasts in French, English and Arabic. It has said it aims to present "a different point of view from the Anglo-Saxon world".

By 2016 there were nearly 56 million internet users ( Around 56% of French people are active on social media (We Are Social, 2017). Facebook and Skyrock are leading social networks.

The press

  • Le Monde - respected national daily, considered to be France's newspaper of record
  • Liberation - national daily, founded in 1973 by philosopher Jean-Paul Sartre, centre-left leaning
  • Le Figaro - national daily, centre-right leaning
  • Ouest France - Rennes-based; France's best-selling daily
  • L'Express - news weekly
  • Le Point - news weekly
  • France 2 - national, main public TV network
  • France 3 - national, public
  • France 5 - national, public, educational
  • BFM TV - national, commercial news channel
  • TF1 - national, commercial
  • M6 - national, commercial
  • La Chaine Info - rolling news channel owned by TF1
  • France 24 - publicly-owned global news channel; services in French, English, Arabic
  • TV5 Monde - international French-language TV, with programmes from French, Belgian, Swiss and Canadian public broadcasters
  • Canal Plus - national, subscription channel
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France has a lively public broadcasting sector
  • Radio France - operates national and regional outlets, including speech-based France Inter and all-news France Info
  • Radio France Internationale (RFI) - international broadcaster, via shortwave and FM relays worldwide
  • Europe 1 - major commercial station, news and entertainment
  • RTL - major commercial station, speech and music
  • NRJ - commercial, leading hit music network