Russian cargo plane crash in Magadan 'kills 11'


A Russian cargo plane has crashed in a remote far eastern area, with all 11 people on board believed to have been killed, prosecutors say.

The wreckage of the Antonov-12 plane was found in the Magadan region after going missing earlier on Tuesday.

The crew had reported that one of the plane's four engines was on fire shortly after taking off, the regional prosecutor's office said.

Those on board included nine crew and two passengers, officials said.

"The remains of the plane were found 200km [120 miles] from Omsukchan village," Magadan transport prosecutors said in a statement.

"According to initial information, 11 people - nine crew members and two passengers - died in the crash."

Rescue workers' efforts to reach the plane, which was found in deep forest, were hampered by thick fog, according to Itar-Tass news agency.