Germany: Soldier finds 1m euros off lorry in Bavaria


A German soldier has turned in safe-deposit boxes containing more than 1m euros ($1.43m; £890,000), two days after finding them, German media say.

The soldier found the boxes beside a motorway exit near the Bavarian town of Bad Kissingen on Monday.

The authorities had been searching urgently for the cases after they fell off a lorry transporting cash.

The soldier handed them in to police, who have yet to decide if he should face criminal charges, reports say.

Regional senior prosecutor Rainer Vogt told the DAPD news agency it was not clear what the man's intention was in keeping the safe-deposit boxes for two days before going to the police.

Witnesses said they saw the safes fall out of the lorry after a door apparently swung open by itself, the Sueddeutsche Zeitung newspaper reported.

Another witness reported seeing a military vehicle stop and load something inside, the paper said.

Police said this statement had already directed their investigation towards the military.

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