World Cup 2018: Russian bloggers triumphant

Writing a live page on Russian website, journalist Andrei Santalov hammered out the news of Russia's 2018 success with the words "Da! Dadada!" (English: Yes! Yesyesyes!").

Much of the country's blogosphere erupted with joy at the news from Zurich that the country will host the 2018 Fifa World Cup.

"It has come to pass!" wrote Zametki Fox'a.

"This is just amazing! We congratulate everyone who backed our bid! My dear friends, have patience. A few days of moaning by the English, the Spanish and the Portuguese lie ahead, but it is we who are going to score!"

Another blogger, Imkho, was moved to write: "Victory to all who love football, to all who love the country, to all who believed, to all who waited! This is our victory!"

'Month-long party'

"It's a party on our street," O velikoy igre millionov (English: On the great game of the millions) wrote.

"A party that will last a month. To get up every day and feel that a bus has just gone by your house carrying footballers from the Argentina or Brazil team. To understand that in a few hours a brilliant game will be starting.

"New stadiums, roads, airports. The stunning sensation that the best footballers in the world are in your country and they are breathing the same air as you are...

"You walk about the streets and smile at foreigners. And they smile at you.

"Now I have twice the will to live, and live long enough to see this party."

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