Ireland resists bail-out: Your views‎


The Irish Republic has insisted it does not need European Union assistance amid speculation it is under pressure to use an EU bail-out fund.

BBC News website readers in Ireland have been sending in their views.

Here is a selection of their comments:

For bail-out plans

I think the EU has no choice but to wade in and bail us out. Bail us out and move on. Or suffer the consequences. Spain and Portugal are waiting in the wings. Jason Campbell, Dublin

Ireland has been taking European money for the past 30 years therefore I don't understand why they should be so concerned about taking another handout. The Irish economy has been littered with financial scandal and iffy political moves throughout its history so why would Irish politicians start waving the "Irish Independent" argument flag at this troubled time. Rod Dugan, Belfast

The burden on the taxpayer is too great already - working population levels here are low, compared to the large top-heavy public sector, and the budget will deepen the recession. The country needs EU assistance. Confidence in the government has gone. Bryan Wilkes, Shannon, Co Clare

Europe should bail out Ireland just as they would any other European Country. The stability of the euro has always been at risk since the world went into recession. It's being heightened now by how serious the banking crisis is within PIGS [Portugal, Ireland, Greece, Spain]. Robert Kiersey, Greystones

Against bailout plans

Ireland should not be helped. It must be allowed to fail. When it fails, then perhaps the politicians will think of the next generation rather than the next election. Jontenoy, Dublin

The EU has bullied our government into every decision for the last two or three years. They did not want to see a European bank fail so our government was obliged to save Anglo Irish Bank with our money even when it was clearly toxic. It is depressing to live in a nation at the mercy of greedy Brussels. David Donoghue, Dublin

We are paying a terrible price as taxes and levies rise, services decline, pension age increases and so forth. The government should have let Anglo Irish Bank fail in 2008 when the global crisis was at its highest, instead of pumping billions of euros into a dead bank, killing off the economy and perhaps ultimately Irish sovereignty. S Roper, Killarney

The meltdown of the Irish economy has been largely caused by a government that exercised no fiscal control during the 'Celtic Tiger' years. Warning signs were ignored and financial experts dismissed as doom and gloom merchants. The damage done to this small country has been enormous and not one single architect of Ireland's descent into economic oblivion has been put on trial. Andrew Martin, Dublin

My worry is that if Ireland accepts assistance it will lose her low rate of corporation tax and haemorrhage jobs leading to a near depression. I am no fan of this government but they are right to try and fight off applying or being forced to apply to the European bailout fund. The IMF should be the very last resort. Robert Finn, City Centre, Dublin

The tragedy of this is the lost generation; the generation who again is forced to leave our shores in search of work, the best resource we have and the only hope for us to rejuvenate our economy. Thomas, Dublin