Earthquake kills two in central Serbia

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A moderate earthquake has hit central Serbia, killing two people and injuring at least 50 others.

The tremor had a magnitude of 5.3 and its epicentre was near the city of Kraljevo, some 150km (94 miles) south-west of the capital.

The quake struck at 0156 (0056 GMT), the US Geological Survey said.

Eyewitnesses said buildings, including the local hospital, were slightly damaged during the quake and some homes were without water and electricity.

Serbia's interior minister said that the two people who died were a couple, killed when the roof of their house collapsed.

Ivica Dacic said material damage to the town of 70,000 people was considerable and that rescue teams and police had already been deployed to the area.

One eyewitness and Kraljevo resident, Milica Lazarevic said the town was badly damaged.

"The town is littered with debris. Some older houses are destroyed completely," she said.

"My street and perhaps half of the town have no phones, water and electricity."