Moldova going to third election in two years

Mihai Ghimpu, acting president of Moldova, September 2010
Image caption Mihai Ghimpu calls a new poll for November

Moldova faces its third election in two years after members of parliament in one of Europe's poorest states failed twice to pick a president.

Mihai Ghimpu, the acting president, dissolved parliament and set the new general election for 28 November.

A referendum to introduce direct presidential elections collapsed earlier this month over low turnout.

A pro-Western alliance won the last election in July 2009, ending Communist rule.

That election had followed an April poll won by the Communists which sparked street violence in protest at the Communist victory.

Since July 2009, attempts by MPs to choose a new president have failed in the face of Communist opposition.

Turnout in the referendum on 5 September was under 30%.

While no estimate was immediately available for the November election, the April 2009 poll reportedly cost the state budget 40m leu (£2m; $3.3m).

Budget spending for that year was set at 27bn leu (£1.4bn; $2.2bn).

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