Tourists hurt in Greece catamaran crash

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Media captionOfficials said the boat may have suffered a mechanical failure

At least 25 people were hurt when a catamaran carrying tourists crashed into a jetty on the Greek island of Kos, say reports.

Most of the tourists on board the Turkish-flagged Aegean Cat were British - five were seriously injured.

The catamaran had been travelling to Kos from the Turkish town of Didim, with more than 200 passengers on board.

Officials said it may have suffered a mechanical failure before crashing into the jetty twice, damaging its hull.

"At 11.12am [local time], the ship was trying to get into the port of Kos when it crashed. We don't know how it happened," said a spokeswoman for the Greek Ministry of Mercantile Marine.

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Media captionAllen Taylor: "It hit the wharf and came back and hit it again so we all collapsed"

She said the Kos port authority was investigating. The UK Foreign Office said it was also looking into the situation as a matter of urgency.

Broken limbs

The island's deputy mayor, David Gerasklis, said the boat may have suffered a mechanical failure.

It had attempted to dock once, then "returned with greater force and crashed into the dock for a second time", he told the Associated Press news agency.

"Some of the passengers apparently got up to see what happened, and they were injured in the second crash," he said.

Mr Gerasklis said the injured had been taken to hospital while the remaining passengers had disembarked safely.

The most seriously injured suffered broken limbs while others had bruising or cuts from broken glass, but none of the injuries was life-threatening.

Phil Simonetti, who lives in Didim, told the Turkish newpaper Altinkum Voices that passengers had panicked as the boat hit the wharf.

"People suffered broken bones, and whiplash injuries as they were thrown about," he said.

Mr Simonetti said there had been fears the boat would sink, but the newspaper reported the damage to the hull was above the waterline and the catamaran was not in danger.

A coastguard spokesman told the AFP news agency there were no reports of adverse weather at the time.