Australia Aboriginal activist Pryor calls PM disrespectful

Clinton Pryor turning his back to the Australian Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull on 6th September Image copyright Twitter / @Clintonswalk
Image caption Clinton Pryor walked from Perth to Canberra to fight for Aboriginal rights

An Aboriginal activist who spent a year crossing Australia on foot says he felt "so disrespected" by Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull that he chose to "turn his back and walk away" from him.

Clinton Pryor reached Canberra this week, the final stop of his 5,000km (3,106 mile) "Walk for Justice" to raise awareness of indigenous issues.

He says the PM spoke over him when they met at Parliament House.

But a spokesman for the PM said he had "respectfully disagreed" with Mr Pryor.

One man's march for indigenous rights

In a statement released on Twitter, the activist said: "Mr Turnbull refused to walk even a few steps outside of Parliament to meet in the Parliamentary Forecourt - despite Clinton having walked over 7 million steps to be here."

A spokesperson for Mr Pryor had attempted to read a list of demands about Aboriginal rights to the Australian leader.

"Both the Prime Minister and the Minister for Indigenous Affairs were disrespectful - speaking over the top of the Aboriginal Elders to defend unfair policies - rather than listening respectfully," the statement said.

Mr Pryor said he then turned his back and walked away from the prime minister.

A spokesman said Prime Minister Turnbull was "interested to hear their perspective, but respectfully disagreed with several of the matters raised".

The PM had thanked Mr Pryor "for the opportunity to meet and to hear his concerns first hand", the spokesman added.

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