Australian police dust crime scene, uncover bottom print

A close-up of the offending bottom print was discovered by Australian police Image copyright Victoria Police
Image caption Police discovered the print on one of the glass entrance doors

Police dusting for crime scene fingerprints rarely encounter so much cheek.

Officers investigated a robbery at a community hall in Wodonga, in south-east Australia, at the weekend.

Instead of fingerprints, police found the offenders had left a bare bottom mark on a glass door.

Sergeant Shane Martin, from Victoria Police, told The Age newspaper he had never seen anything like it.

"They're having a joke, or they're actually trying to lean up against the door to break in, but I don't know why they'd do it pantsless," he said.

The intruders set off a fire extinguisher before stealing a television.

Police are looking for three people spotted in a black car near the scene.

Wodonga is a town about 300km (180 miles) north-east of Melbourne.

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