Police arrest Australian burglar shot with bow and arrow

A homeowner in Australia has confronted a burglar with a bow and arrow. Image copyright Getty Images
Image caption A burglar suffered 'bruising on the lower back' after being shot with an arrow.

A burglar in Australia shot in the backside with a bow and arrow by an angry homeowner has been arrested.

The 29-year-old man allegedly stole cash, car keys and other property from a house in Sydney on Sunday afternoon.

The 68-year-old homeowner, at home with his wife, confronted the intruder as he attempted to steal the couple's car.

The intruder got out of the vehicle and jumped a fence but was shot in the "buttocks or lower back" as he ran to a parked getaway car.

Police said he suffered bruising on the lower back from the incident. He was charged with aggravated breaking and entering.

Police have said they are also investigating the actions of the homeowner, who belongs to an archery club, and indicated he could also face charges.

Australian laws do not always favour the homeowner when an intruder is injured or killed, taking into account whether a person acted in self-defence or used "excessive force".

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