Australian burglar shot with bow and arrow

The thief escaped in a getaway car after being hit with an arrow Image copyright Getty Images
Image caption The thief escaped in a getaway car after being hit with an arrow

A burglar in Australia was shot in the "buttocks or lower back area" with a bow and arrow after being confronted by an angry homeowner, police say.

The intruder stole cash, car keys and other property from the house in Sydney on Sunday afternoon.

The homeowner, a 68-year-old man, used a wooden bow to challenge the thief as he tried to steal a car.

The robber fled the vehicle and jumped a fence but was shot from behind as he ran to a parked getaway car.

He managed to use the vehicle to escape. It was not immediately clear from reports how serious his injuries were.

"Police seized a number of items from the location, including the bow and similar arrows," a spokesman for New South Wales police told the BBC.

"We believe that the arrow is still with the injured party", he added.

Police forensic officers will examine the scene at Wattle Grove, in the city's southwest.

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Australian laws do not always favour the homeowner when an intruder is injured or killed, taking into account whether a person acted in self-defence or used "excessive force".

Under New South Wales law, in cases where someone is killed, self-defence cannot be presented as a full legal defence if someone is protecting their property or trying to prevent trespass.

The police have opened an investigation into the breaking and entering, and are also making inquiries into the actions of the property owner.

They have not yet brought any charges.

Wooden bows are not banned in New South Wales and do not require a licence or permit.

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