Australia rescuers pluck baby wombat from dead mum's pouch

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Media captionThe tiny wombat was rescued from the pouch of its dead mother

A baby wombat that was found in its dead mother's pouch by the roadside in Australia is receiving 24-hour care.

Jodie Bradshaw, who runs Free Hearts Animal Sanctuary in Tasmania state, stopped to check the dead mother wombat by the side of the road on Monday.

She spotted wriggling inside the mother's pouch and at first worried it might be maggots.

But she then saw a tiny paw pop out and realised there was a live wombat joey inside.

Ms Bradshaw's co-worker at the sanctuary, Jules Lewington, told the BBC that they wanted to encourage others to check dead animals for babies, particularly those with pouches.

A local wildlife expert named Norma Baker is now caring for the little wombat, keeping it inside her bra to maintain its body temperature.

"The best way to keep them warm when you find them is to do exactly that, put them inside the shirt," Ms Lewington said.

"It helps to keep them in there to transfer body warmth and it's as good a place as any.

"[Norma] will keep the wombat in that same spot 24 hours a day."

Ms Lewington said the baby wombat had a good body weight and was eating.

"We're hopeful at this stage but there's a long way to go," she said.

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